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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Miss birthday

Good morning folks,

To say I had an awesome day yesterday is an understatement.

I'm so blessed to see another complete revolution. It was overwhelming the amount of love I received yesterday. And equally crazy.

Le 3 month old Yolanda

I'm so grateful to friends who made out time to contact me yesterday, even the ones who call me once a year. Hahaha. I actually had tears in my eyes when I got calls from Lovebear's siblings and friends who I've never set eyes on.

This is the best yet.

To myself: Happy birthday, young lady. I'm getting older, and definitely wiser. And more awesome.


The highlight??? My awesome secondary school best friend, Didy showed up at my office. Pure coincidence. Turns out my company does business with hers. Yaaaaay to invoice submissions! It was completely awesome seeing her again after 8 years! I could not stop hugging her.

Thanks Digins for making my day.



KC Ezeagwu said... dey grow up so fast...*sobs* was just like yesterday,when I carried u in my arms,now u r all grown up...*sobs louder*....(I think I'm gonna need a tissue)...hehe,lol. Many more yrs,my big sis of life. Wish u all d best ahead. May this be ur last year as a spinster(u aint getting any younger,u know,lol)...and may dis year,be a year,wen u'll stop tarnishing with Chii. Lastly,keep my top back!*straight face*..ur bday's over! And wash it! *raised eyebrow*.....*runs away*(I yield! I yield!)Ok,I admit it,I'm worse in dat aspect.....hahahaha,dats wat sisters do. As I was wishing...I wish u triplets(once in d labour room),so u can keep ur figure,hehe....don't we all wish for dat? #Okbye# ayaff finish

Yolanda said...

Thanks swthrt. For everything

MopleasuRe said...

Kai! KC see wear U come dey wash Ihuoma's linen. Haba naa!
Zanny Zane.. Beta kip my cake if U no wan mk Otondo's senior brother fire U.
Ehen.. As per age, I ka bu nu nwata. Don't 4get to buy dat wine oh!
Mk God kip blessing U like he's done. And bless ur folks and siblings. And ur career. And ur love life. And diz blog! I cud go on.. But lemme end it here biko.
..Le Teak!

Yolanda said...

Dude...I will find you....and I will kill you :|
Thanks for the love

MopleasuRe said...

U shud know dat I ddnt gbagaun. I'm sure d fone pulled a prank on me. "Where" and not "Wear".
Thank U, very understanding readers.
..Le Teak again!

Yolanda said...


Didy said...

Hapi bday, dearest...Was so so hapi 2 c u ystday..was rily a swit surprise..ope ma cake sha z still remainin??many more 1daful yrz ahead, dear...cheerz..

Yolanda said...

Thanks sweetheart. I still cant get over the surprise. Don't worry, cake still dey flenty flenty :)

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