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Monday, March 4, 2013

Le workout routine

Hi Guys,
Its a brand new week! Yaaaaay!!! Ok I normally don't like Mondays because I'm bad like that. I know. But for some reason, I'm happy today. I hope nothing and no one spoils my day today. I hope its the same for you too.

So I think I finally found a workout routine I can live with. I've never had to incorporate workouts in my life because I've always been a perfect size 8 until recently, though I was unhealthy. After a recent phase of depression, I ballooned to an unhealthy 75 kg on my tiny frame and it dawned on me that I was on my way to a major catastrophe. With my defined waist gradually disappearing, I knew I needed to act fast. These are my major reasons for getting in shape:
      *I have a history of diabetes and high blood pressure in my family.
      *I want to be as healthy as possible and live long :)
      *I want to complement my boyfriend abeg. I don't want to be the fat blob walking beside a trim dude and people would be like 'what duh......'
Anyways, I started trying to eat healthy about 3 weeks ago, and I incorporated exercises last week. I am not dieting because I don't believe in diets. I believe in making healthy lifestyle changes because I don't like yo-yo weight gain/ loss. Currently I am taking the exercises a little at a time, trying to get my body to adjust. So I do 10- 15 minutes of lunges, jumping jacks, calf raises and marching on the spot each day. These should do for now. As my body gets used to them, I will switch up routines and increase exercise time to 20 minutes.

basically I do the first half of this ie I stop at jumping jacks. Teak sent me this routine :)

When I work out, I always listen to some music by Yanni. To me, Yanni can do no wrong. He gets me in tune spiritually/ emotionally, and this creates some kind of harmony/ balance I love, but I'm yet to understand. Typically, I will work out in my birthday suit (hhehehehehe), with Looking glass and Walkabout by Yanni on repeat. And I try to imagine the flabs melting away :D.


I hope all my efforts pay off in the long run though because my thighs hurt like mad and my thighs cant stop aching. My best friend Teak says its only temporary and I believe him (yea, he's a fitness nut).

Please I would love to know how you work out. Share with me in them comments :) Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week.



Anonymous said...

My workout routine is basically the same (except for yanni of course.. eww) but I add squats too.

Yolanda Ezeagwu said...

Yea I always start with squats. Forgot to mention that.
How can you ewwww Yanni?!?!?!?!?!?!?! lol
Thanks for reading

Onyis said...

Hi babe! Am soo proud of yaa!!! Am working out as well which includes squats, sit-ups etc. Am a size 6 by d way ;) don't be jealous now. Anyway, much love to u and keep doing wotchu doing!

P.s. I hope dis publishes dis time *rme*

Yolanda Ezeagwu said...

Onyis of cos I'm jealous ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡) lol. Keep it up luv and thanks for reading

Come Baptise(KC Ezeagwu) said...

Could dat Onyis,be my love?I'm jealous...I missed u,darl..Pls,if u still have my number,send me ur pin in a fone was stolen and I did a welcome back...Workout?Naaaa...I'll pass...I'm too lazy for is too short to check what u eat...and dere's still over 5,000 kinds of foods,I've still not tasted...u never know wen u cud drop,so eat away for now...#TeamRasputia#.....heheheh,I'm sur y'all are gon hate me..lmao....

Yolanda Ezeagwu said...

U see how people slump one day? 5,000 different foods??? Oo_oO ok o

Come Baptise(KC Ezeagwu) said...

Hahahahhahaha....Worefa mehn!!!! My love is now a size 6???*Waow*

Onyis said...

My luv!!!! I will send u my pin asap. Sorry abt ur phone. Still have d old pin. Will delete it anyway. As for d 5k kinds of food, wow! Sounds yummy and tasty at the same time. D most impt thing is to check ur portions.

Chinel said...

Good one Uu....kip it up am so freak abt my health en fitness...I jog 3times a week..oda days I do a lot of walk with squats,jump and jazz(myfave) and other stretches....will incorporate urs too...PS:Water is Essential atleast a liter of water a helps for a healthy life....Peace people..

Yolanda Ezeagwu said...

wow Chinel I'm impressed o. Keep it up dear. Thanks for reading

Jaynie* said...

Ihuuuu! U have a blog proud of u. Way to go girl! (geolgirlsrock*)
Size 6? For real? #drooling#. I'm a size...(Lips sealed). i've started work out a couple of times, just to stop after a few weeks. It takes a whole lotta determination. I'm back up ds month, dieting and help me God!

Yolanda Ezeagwu said...

Omg Jennie!!! Thanks love. Please tell me your size. hehehe. Its good you started working out shaa, you will get back in shape in no time.
Thanks for reading girl

didy said...

Lol...zagz.....I slip a lot...mayb dts d secret 2 ma slim figure...I also eat loads f fried plantain..but I try 2 stay off soft drinks...I'd rather drink water instead...and I walk a lot.....dts ma own exercise it helps...

Yolanda Ezeagwu said...

Didy u r lucky. I can't sleep like that and still be as slim as you are. Good stuff on water instead of soft drinks, and walking :)

sherry ukoh said...

Way to go Oma...well, I don't have a workout routine or follow any diet plan, as I'm a size 4. I oit doin 20mins on d treadmill 2wice a week. I'm actually hopin 2 gain some w8 nd I've been on it 4 3yrs( I. only ended up wiv 1kg extra). So pls Oma, I kno derez more demand 4 w8 loss secrets nd regimens but pls we skinny pple nid some w8 gainin tips too. :D nd I'm waiting. Thanks hun.

Yolanda Ezeagwu said...

Sherry luv!!!!!
Girl u don't need to add any weight. U r perfect the way you are. When the kids start coming, u'll definitely go up a few sizes.

Aniuno Genny said...

Hmmmm I wonder how I came to this blog but I must say I'm impressed...keep it up girl...I added a lot of weight last year cos I was at home doing nothing, I was disturbed by the weight gained so I decided to start working out which helped me a lot...frm 85Kg I went dwn to 64kg and I'm so happy...its all abt eating healthy (eating healthy is costly tho lol) and then working workout routines are running on treadmill for 30mins 3times a week then "aerobics" which I do wt dumbell for 1hr everyday, skipping (I count 1-300) every evening, squats, sit ups(I try to do it every morning and night, then instead of entering 50naira byke to a short destination I walk it lol...and I'm happy when pple tells me oh u lost weight...its all abt motivation u will get there....Cheers

Yolanda Ezeagwu said...

Wow! I'm so impressed girl! Dis is some nice ish. Good stuff

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