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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Totally Random ish

Hey folks,
I hope everyone is fine and all. Its been long I put up a post here. I don't even know why. Is there anything like blogger's block? Maybe that's my problem. Anyway, this is my last post for this month :). This post is about nothing in particular, just random ish.

OMG Yaaaay!!!!!! I'm going home at long last. Imma be traveling to Enugu, the cute little town where life is slow and peaceful, and I cant wait to see my mom and brothers. I haven't been home since October last year so I really cant wait. Enugu is the perfect place to spend Easter, I seriously need the traditional holy feeling I get around Easter. I've hardly had that feeling this whole Lenten period in Lagos and I need that ish in my life.  It's so strange I feel like I have to go all the way to Enugu before I feel holy and sanctified. God help me *please don't judge* :). The traditional Catholic way during Lent- Ash Wednesday, Way of the Cross every friday, then the Holy Week observation right before Easter Sunday....gosh I miss all that. Sadly work has been a female dog dis whole period, and I didn't even attend even one Friday way of the Cross *tears*. That feeling of holiness and sober reflection- yea I missed all that. So sad. That's exactly why I'm rushing home tomorrow. Cant wait!!.

So Chump celebrated his birthday on the 25th of this month. The way time flies is totally ridic! I absolutely cant believe its been 15 years since the munchkin was brought home from the hospital. I've watched him grow some mouth on him, pampered him shamelessly, and fought with him aimlessly. I still see him as my baby, and I totally love loving him. Happy birthday Chump, and many more wonderful years!!!
my baby:)

In other exciting news, house hunt is FREAKING OVER!!!!!!!! Can I get an Amen people? WOOT WOOT!!! I can't believe how long it took us to find a place, but in the end, it was totally and completely worth it. Sometimes, good things come to those who really wait. Some months ago, we found one apartment we decided to manage (note the word manage), only for the crazy landlord to increase the rent by over a hundred thousand. Sometimes, I don't know why these landlords are so greedy. Imagine adding 100,000 on top of an already exorbitant rent. We decided to let it go and eff the ish, but at the same time, we were kinda devastated. So its was tough resuming our search but yea, being the power puff girls we are, we started afresh. And bam!! le dream house appears all of a sudden. Honest landlord, no crazy outrageous rent, beautiful house, an ok location. Ofcourse we snapped that ish up! I've already enlisted my decorating goons- Kay and Teak, who are going to decorate the heck out of that pad. I will be moving in after Easter and Christ, I cant wait!
I'll be doing a whole lot of chilling here. Hehehehehehe!

So I kinda plateaued with my workouts. Yea I know, I'm a lazy drone. Lately, I've only been jogging twice weekly and doing some tummy exercises, but then I get the feeling I'm not doing enough. Well, a friend kinda reminded me I did not gain all the weight in one week so I wont go down in one week. I kinda agree. I'm going to buckle up and increase workout time, but at thesame time remind myself to take it slow and steady.

As a parting gift (hehehehe that term is hilarious, secondary school tinzzz) I'll be dropping this old favorite I found on youtube. I remember how I used to mime the song with my sis back then and we thought we were the business.

Have a wonderful Easter lovely people,


Festus Obianwu said...

Wishing you safe journey and a memorable Easter holiday

Yolanda Ezeagwu said...

Thanks and have a wonderful Easter too :)

Mordecai Anyalechi said...

what a random ish... triggering memories, Enugu is really a home. I just started my own house hunt, Lagos is crazy. Do have a splendid celebration ok. Bless you.

Yolanda Ezeagwu said...

Awww Mordec awayu? I miss that place too for real. Don't worry, you will definitely find a place, though it may take some time. Have a lovely Easter dear

Yo house guru,Kay said...

Yoyo,house hunt is over.Uu,u shud thank me for delaying u and stopping u from taking dat 60's hole in Obanikoro...*big smiles*.Told u dere's a reason for everything and every disappointment is a blessing.So,my guru partner,Teak and I will get to work after Easter.This is my hobby,but God knows it's energy-sapping.

Yolanda Ezeagwu said...

Smh. House gurus indeed. *rolls eyes*

Anonymous said...

*hugs n kisses*

Yolanda Ezeagwu said...


Obiajulu Onyemeh said...

Ewwwwwwww!!!!!....waddap...happy for the house thingie dough.... but the workout... :i ..

Yolanda Ezeagwu said...

O'a! Please are you coming back? And stop ewwwing

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