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Friday, March 1, 2013

Shameless money saving tips :)

Hi Guys,

So I'm back! how cool is that? This time I want to help you save. Yes I know I'm a saint. But in this tough economic climate (I've been hearing this expression since I was a kid. There's never money) we all need to cut costs here and there. It's true we all have needs but there are always cheaper options for, well... almost everything. Anyway, enough of the babble, let's get started.

Honey and brown sugar exfoliating scrub.
This is one mix that works so well. Honey is a well known humectant (it attracts moisture) and brown sugar his a very gentle scrub. When combined, these two are awesome. Instead of buying all them expensive exfoliating creams that claim to contain salt from the dead sea or rocks from Mars *rolls eyes*, why not give this wonderful home remedy a try. It works just as well, its natural and inexpensive :)
honey and brown sugar

Lemon and lime
Now, dont be ashamed. Yea even the best of us have darker under-arms. It mostly stems from using deodorants which may contain harmful chemicals. These two fruits are natural lighteners because of their acid content. They can be used (consistently) to lighten darker under arms. I know there are so many creams out there that claim to do this but why not go the natural and safer route first ehh....:)

Banana, yogurt, coconut milk and olive oil deep conditioning treatment.
All that good stuff! yummy!!!! This is a mixture I constantly rely on when I run out of conditioner for my deep treatment mix. All you need is one banana, yogurt (unsweetened greek yogurt preferably), coconut milk which can be home made or store bought, and olive oil. These are cheap ingredients that can be found in your kitchen anytime. Banana fortifies your hair with the necessary vitamins and minerals, yogurt and coconut milk will provide excellent protein deep conditioning, and olive oil is one wonderful oil that penetrates the hair strands. Make sure the banana is properly mashed. You dont want to be picking banana out of your hair for days. Mix the other ingredients in and saturate your hair with the mix properly. Cover your hair with a plastic bag and wash off after about 30 minutes. Voila!! Enjoy your strong, rejuvenated hair. 
 olive oil
 banana :)
coconut milk
(All pictures from google)

So there you have it. I'll be back with more shameless money saving tips. The best thing is, these are cheap, multi-purpose items that can be sourced from wherever. And you dont have to break the bank to have a fabulous life. 

Have yourselves a lovely weekend. And wonderful new month,



Anonymous said...

Thanks...will try the lemon and lime mix and yes I have darker

Yolanda Ezeagwu said...

Please do. And let me know if it works for you.
Thanks for reading :)

Adaezejames said...

Hehehehe... I'll start the lemon and Lime today. *wink*

Come Baptise said...

Lol...this article is funny,but educative...thanx O father...*smiles*

Yolanda Ezeagwu said...

Loool. Do and tell me how it goes. Mwah!

Yolanda Ezeagwu said...

Ur welcome. Hehehe come baptise my lover-ly sis

Anonymous said...

My Dear Yoyo,
I see you are too much . I cann;t wait to spend two to three days with your family , maybe b/w 23 and 24. Greeting and love to your siblings , Dad and Mom
Uncle Ambu

Yolanda Ezeagwu said...

OMG my uncle left a comment!! Thanks Uncle. I can't wait to see you too

Dabs said...

awww you started a blog!!! useful tips you have here!! will be stopping by regularly!muah!

Yolanda Ezeagwu said...

Thanks Dabs. I appreciate :)

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