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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Stuff I'm loving this week

Hello people,
I hope you guys started your day on a good note. I actually woke up very happy until my sister and my crazy bestie decided to spoil it for me. Long story- I don't wanna bore you guys with deets. Anywhoo, I'm working on getting right back on track.

So back to the topic, I fall in love with so many things with each passing day. It could be a new song, a new hair product I'm trying out, or a new book or whatever. I'm pretty sure its not only me. There's a lot of stuff that inspire people every day. I think that's the beauty of life. Lemme stop rambling and dive straight in.

After the Night by Linda Howard
This is actually an old favorite I rediscovered. This beautifully crafted romantic suspense is one of the best I've read. This is vintage Linda- steamy, raunchy and features one of my dream destinations- New Orleans. With a lot of Bayou action and hot Cajuns, this makes for a good read on a cold night *wink*. I purchased this on amazon with my naira master card and I have it on kindle. I've forgotten how much I bought it though its not more than $7

Vitamin E oil
Ahhhh! Miracle in a bottle. A few weeks ago, I was searching seriously for something natural I could use to clear up old acne scars. I got so annoyed with them scars and I needed them gone for good. That was when I found vitamin E oil. After reading so many positive reviews online, I rushed to Casa Bella in Ikeja mall and got a bottle. Its been about a month now and I'm seeing a huge difference. I wasn't expecting any quick fixes so I plan on restocking when I use up the tiny bottle. I think I got 2 fluid ounces for about N1,350 so that's pretty expensive. But a little goes a long way because I use very little of it at a time.

Tresemme Gentle Hydrating Conditioner
(all pictures from google)
This is hands down the best conditioner I've used in my life. Pure awesomeness in a bottle. This stuff instantly softens my hair, its so unbelievable. I don't comb my hair unless I have some conditioner in it, so its really been difficult finding a conditioner that makes it easy for me to put a comb through my very thick hair. I first used it when my sister got her first bottle, and I was so impressed, I rushed to go buy my own. I usually mix it with coconut oil and olive oil for a deep treatment right before a co-wash and I'm loving it!!!!! :)

I'll be stopping here for now. I gotta zap before people start wondering why I'm admiring a bottle of conditioner when I'm supposed to be working. I would really love to know what you are loving recently. Until next time, stay blessed.



KC Ezeagwu said...

U....,ndonu...*nwobere nwanne gi ni?*eyebrows*....U see,I'm a genius,I always recommend things or make pple try out things and dey love it...hehe,Dabs and the hair trigger,now u and TresEmme..monuments shud be erected in my honour\ (‘-’\) (/’-')/ \(‘-’\) (/’-')/

Yolanda Ezeagwu said...

still not talking to you

Anonymous said...

Vitamin C serum works wonders for my skin... Love it!

Yolanda Ezeagwu said...

Wow! I've never heard about Vitamin C serum *now doing more research*
Thanks for reading :)

Anonymous said...

Yea try it. You'll love it.

Anonymous said...

Does the Vitamin C serum clear acne too? Yol baby, nice writeup...

Anonymous said...

Yea it does...acne scars, sunburn, wrinkles and it leaves your skin glowing.

Yolanda Ezeagwu said...

thanks luv :)

jaynie said...

Thanks for the vit C serum tip, i'll try it out! Nice work Yol!

Yolanda Ezeagwu said...

Thanks Jaynie. Mwah!!

Anonymous said...

great article

Yolanda Ezeagwu said...

thanks! checking out your blog

sherry said...

Fun likey! U are gud @ dis

Yolanda Ezeagwu said...

lol thanks sweetheart

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