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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Deep conditioning with Yogurt

Hello guys,

Yea I'll say it again. Sorry I ran *dazzall*
Yesterday absolutely sucked! Even my landlord dragged out his huge speakers and had mad fun and instead of going up to join in the celebrations, I had to go and get my very irregular bout of emotional torrential outpour (I don't know if that's even correct). I holed up in my room all day, ate leftover fried rice and cried as I watched Its complicated and Madagascar. Yea I'm extremely weird like that.

So I've been doing deep treatments on my hair with unsweetened yogurt for the past three weeks. Can I just say I've fallen deep in love with this wonder food. Yogurt has to be the best thing that happened to my hair since Tresemme conditioner I swear. I've been faithfully deep conditioning my hair with my yogurt mix which I get by mixing avocado and sweet almond oils to about three spoons of yogurt. I let it sit in for about 30 minutes, wash and bam! Soft, extremely moisturized hair. I thought it was all in my head till I did it again and again and I became sure I wasn't imagining things.

Hair after deep conditioning. Its like 80 percent stretched here
yogurt goodness

Yogurt is also very good for the lady parts (for all my ladies) as it balances the ph of under there *ahem*

My new oils. Still love coconut oil though

In other news, everybody's favourite hair blogger Dabs of naija hair can grow is hosting a fabulous salon day out on the 5th of this month. It promises to be a beautiful day to indulge in all kinds of hair fabulousness. I can't even wait as I've been meaning to meet Dabs for a very long time. I've also enlisted my favourite goon in the world AKA Lovebear to accompany me. I only hope he doesnt get bored. Hehehe.

Venue: the beauty bar, 19A Olosa Street, off Karimu Kotun Street, VI, Lagos

One particular treatment I've been prepping my hair for is a henna treatment, which I hope to get at the salon day out. Its been over a year I did a henna treatment. As much as I liked the results, i didnt enjoy the very long time it took me to wash out all the henna silt from my hair, so I haven't done one in a long time. Curly Nikki has a very detailed Q and A sesh if you are interested in knowing the benefits of henna.

Xx Yol

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